Sunday, May 24 -- The Day of Penecost
9:00 am  Holy Baptsim + Holy Eucharist
10:00 am Sermon Seminar
11:15 am Holy Baptism + Holy Eucharis
5:00 pm Contemplative Eucharist
Come and join us.
St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Washington, D.C. - the Home of the Open Communion

Wherever you are
on your faith journey...

Whatever you believe
or don't believe

Baptized or not...

We welcome you to join us

Choral Evensong
This beautiful service will include hymns, readings, special choral and organ music, and periods of silence.
Sunday, May 31 at 5:00 pm
St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Washington, D.C. - the Home of the Open Communion

St. Mark's Episcopal Church is a community of individuals. Come and be. Come and belong.

Worship Schedule and Events

  • Thursday, 5/28 - 12:00 PM Thursday Noon Eucharist
  • Philip and the Ethiopian

    Dr. Bernard Brandon Scott

    - May 03, 2015

    Bernard Brandon Scott, Darbeth Distinguished Professor of New Testament Emeritus


    We have no idea who wrote the Acts of the Apostles. Like many authors in the ancient world, he remains anonymous. He is most probably the same person responsible for canonical Gospel of Luke.  By convention we refer to him as “Luke,” but that... Continue reading Philip and the Ethiopian

    New Interim Rector Called

    The Reverend Michele Morgan called to serve as Interim Rector.

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